I am Frankie

A Finland-based artist coming from St.Petersburg, Russia. I am currently studying Fine Arts at university and working on my own projects. I have academic background, digital art skills and I am as passionate about art as one can be!

Portfolio 2021

Selection of my works from the past two years

Dreaming Woods

28.9.2021-22.10.2021 Exhibition


Exibition Ferbruafy 2021, Jakobstad, Finland

Walk with me

Constantly expanding online exhibition of my artwork from travels and walks. All the paintings are for sale!

Portraits from the heart

Ongoing project (2020-2021)

Portfolio 2020

The portfolio I created when applying to Art Universities in 2020


Ongoing projects, work prosess and more!

About me

Freelance artist, Illustraitor

I am Frankie Sleptsov, artist from Russia. I have been studying art in St. Petersburg till 2020, and now I live, work and study in Europe. I love working with traditional technics as well as mixing them with digital art. I am currently a full-time art student and i am working on my own exhibition projects. 

I am a freelancer and open to job offers. If you want to buy my art or work with me - contact me, I will be glad to hear from you!


School: Novia YH, Bildkonst




You can find me here

Rådhusgatan 17c, Jakobstad, Finland